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So, I finally managed to send my agent the first 25k words of Book 3. After a few days of nail biting tension she came back to me with a big fat “OMG I’m in love with Algernon” comment.

I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it is to hear those words as I am also in love with Algernon. What has a grumpy old man who, on the face of it, is not likeable at all, got about him that a reader might like? How could he possibly enhance the life of a granddaughter he had previously never met until she was 15? Let me finish the rest of the book and you will find out…


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Phyllida Shrimpton is the author of two young adult books, Sunflowers in February and The Colour of Shadows. She has been shortlisted for the Centurion Award, Bath and Somerset Schools and also the RED (Read Enjoy Debate) Award, Falkirk, Scotland Phyllida has sat on the ‘The Suspense is Killing Me’ panel at YALC 2018 and chaired a panel at YAShot 2018

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