In May I had the enormous pleasure of flying to Falkirk, Scotland for the Red (Read Enjoy Debate) awards. So much fun! I met some amazing and enthusiastic teachers and children who all love reading so much that the Red event is now a fantastic two day spectacular. 

Highlights of the event? Well, everything really. The warm welcome from Yvonne Manning, mastermind behind everything; meeting the other three lovely and brilliant authors also shortlisted, Mitch Johnson (Kick), Dan Walker (Sky Thieves) and Sif Sigmarsdottir (I am Traitor); chatting the students; book signing; the very fun Q&A session; the inventive core and video interpretations of the books created by the students themselves; and the truly wonderful hand crafted quilt created by the very talented Anne Ngabia.

Oh…and winning the award of course! A big and very pleasant surprise. 


About Phyllie

Phyllida Shrimpton is the author of two young adult books, Sunflowers in February and The Colour of Shadows. She has been shortlisted for the Centurion Award, Bath and Somerset Schools and also the RED (Read Enjoy Debate) Award, Falkirk, Scotland Phyllida has sat on the β€˜The Suspense is Killing Me’ panel at YALC 2018 and chaired a panel at YAShot 2018

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